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Review Firetrap (2001): Now this is what I am talking about. I love it when a B movie pleasantly surprises me!

genre: action, crime, disaster

To be honest I had very little expectations about this film. The only hope I had that it would be on par with Dean Cain's Christmas Rush. But it easily exceeds that movie and then some. If you still had doubts about Dean Cain as an action hero than this film will take those away.

It is clear from early on that Dean Cain doesn't take the film all too seriously. For me that was the saving grace. Because there are too many events and occurrences in this film that are too flawed and silly for their own good. If you did not have someone as Cain to remind us that despite some seriousness that this at it's core is a Bad B movie you might end up disappointed or angered. Now I am almost tempted to reveal some of the things that surprised me. Only then I would spoil a lot of the fun and I don't want to deny you this. All that I can say is that Firetrap masterfully combines some genres and somehow make it coherent. However you will have to accept and endure some melodrama that could rub you the wrong way. In fact I ask you to embrace them since they are unintentionally hilarious. The action scenes in this film are really good. And while for the most part Firetrap feels like a cheaply made TV movie the action looks good and is incredibly relentless. It does not hold back. Whenever they get the chance to it comes at you in full force. 

I have read some harsh comments and reviews about Firetrap and yes of course no one is going to deny that this film is flawed and plagued with B movie badness. But in this case I do want to point out that it's entertaining and engrossing from start to finish. I wasn't bored a single minute and like I said previously this film managed to surprise me in ways I did not expect it too. In fact I feel like this film has not been given enough love and is almost criminally underrated. This little movie does what many bigger budget movies have tried but failed to achieve. If that is not an accomplishment then I don't know what is. 

So please try to ignore those bad reviews and watch this when you catch it on the tube or wherever. You will have a blast. 

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