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Review The Do-Over (2016): You will never be able to watch The Nanny again because of trauma!

genre: comedy, crime, action

The Do Over certainly is not among Adam Sandler's best. However it did manage to entertain me throughout and provide some decent laughs. 

One thing to point out in advance though that while this film may seem like an Adam Sandler light it is not by a long shot. Most of the jokes are off the gross out variety and they come at you pretty unexpectedly. Wait what? We are talking about Adam Sandler right? Adam is pretty predictable. Yes, but let me explain this. We know that Adam Sandler is capable of doing serious drama. Somehow for this film he decided to combine that and his usual dirty jokes. Not that there is that much drama. But think of for example David Spade playing a character that is so far removed from the type he usually plays. He actually came of as sweet and endearing for the most part. Even Sandler takes a step back as much as he can and strangely enough it is exactly what gives this film a charm that is hard to come by. It''s almost like he wanted to address a serious issue without letting people know that it was important for him. Or he is very calculating and knows that it will get to people. Maybe one day we will find out what the story is behind this approach. It does take a while for the The Do-Over to get some steam but once it's rolling it for the most part is a smooth ride. Provided the shock or laughter won't make you miss some of the events.

Catherine Bell as Dawn (JAG) shows a side we rarely have seen and if you know who I am talking about you probably will be shocked and surprised. Paula Patton is the lucky one as she is spared those awkward scenes. But she gets Adam Sandlered (yes, I made a verb out of his name and you know exactly what I mean) in another way. RenĂ©e Taylor (most famous for her character Sylvia Fine in The Nanny) goes where she never has gone before (on screen that is) and it will surely traumatize The Nanny fans forever. Unless you are into it of course.

Overall this is one that will entertain you as long as it lasts. Nothing more nothing less. Almost ideal for Netflix. If I had to compare this to The Ridiculous 6 than I would say that Ridiculous 6 is the better one. But only because that had me laughing non stop. The Do-Over simply has a different approach that might feel off a little and therefore seems more toned down.

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