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Review Le professionnel (1981): Curious action film since Jean- Paul Belmondo has an unique way of doing things!

genre: action, crime, espionage, thriller

Josselin Beaumont (Belmondo) had been given the order to kill President N'Jala, some regent of a fictional African country. But because of the change in politics N'Jala was not being considered an enemy any longer. Instead of retracting the mission the French government sells Joss out and he vows for revenge. 

If anyone else would act like Joss did then I am sure it would be impractical and ineffective. But since we are dealing with Jean-Paul Belmondo the sky is the limit. Whether if it his energy or charm right from when we get introduced to the character he is portraying you are on his side. We actually don't get to know that much about him other than that he does seem to be liked and loved but at the same time is someone who is expandable. Joss is not having this and sets some things in motion. Part of the fun is watching what he will do next. Most of you who have not seen this film will think or assume that Le professionel is a serious affair. But I got a whole other vibe. I can't help but feel that this film is a parody on political thrillers or spy genre of some sort. ( The way the women and the bad guys react to him seemed very Bondesque but then with a French twist.) It also is much more like a Sergio Leone western. Perhaps even a tribute to the director. And this might not be that far fetched as you think since Ennio Morricone does the musical score. The ending if you think about is quite preposterous and almost makes a mockery out of the events portrayed in this film. Or maybe I am over thinking it and it is in fact a simple revenge thriller where main character Josseling has not planned ahead far enough and leaves things to chance for whatever reason. 

Le professionnel  is fascinating and compelling because Jean-Paul Belmondo makes that happen. It could very well be that there was not much to this film in the first place and that he decided to play it like he did to make it more interesting. One that has to be watched for sure.

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