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Review Gone in 60 Seconds (1974): An underwhelming and very forgettable viewing experience!

genre: action, crime

At the time Gone in 60 Seconds with Nicolas Cage came out I was not aware that it was a remake. I discovered this when I saw the title in a sales bin. I remember being curious about it but decided to leave it alone. Then many years after I started noticing how people were raving about the original. How it was superior to the crappy Nic vehicle. I was surprised by people's reactions because unlike them I really liked the remake as it offered unpretentious fun. So finally I decided to watch the original and decide for myself.

Now while watching the film I got this heavy deja vu feeling. And not because of the remake resembling the original. That was to be expected. No, this eerie sense came over me like I had seen the film before but completely forgot about having watched it. Now I do have to tell you that for me this is real rare. I never forget what I have watched unless the title really is so bad or average that it is possible that it has slipped my mind. Then it came back to me that I had the same exact reaction I had back when I watched it. One of utter disappointment and confusion. Because let me tell you that Gone in 60 Seconds is quite bad. I simply could not get into it since it fails to tell their story properly since there hardly is any story. For like what seems ages you hear characters talking but rarely see them having conversations. While they talk we get to see what they are doing (stripping cars and such). Like they were in a rush and could not make time to have proper dialogues next to doing those scenes. I don't know about you but I like to be introduced to characters and learn what they are about. In this film you hear people talking without knowing exactly who is who. Also it sounded like they were reading their dialogue from papers. It would have been nice if the film at least had some real engaging conversations. However director / producer / stuntman / writer and actor H. B. Halicki apparently did not see the need to do this. Consequence is that we see the characters we hardly know getting all busy without actually knowing properly why they are boosting cars. And yes in the dialogue they do mention some things. But like I said these conversations were hardly engaging and I tuned out and even skipped those dialogues. 

Then at one point it happens. The main event people are so raving about. The 40 minute car chase. Sure there are some nice moments. But there is a reason why most chase scenes are short. Since it is hard to maintain tension and thrills for so long. Especially when characters are involved we hardly know and don't care about. Again I tuned out. It simply failed to capture my attention. For a second time mind you. The fact that I forgot all about this film and the famed car chase should be all telling. Before I get accused of having a short attention span. I enjoyed the chase scene in Bullit with Steve McQueen. 

This is one of the few times that I don't agree with the original being superior to the remake. For me this film has been quite underwhelming and disappointing. I honestly don't ask that much. But I do like my car chases to be exciting. And this Gone in 60 Seconds doesn't have those. 

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