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Review Deadpool (XBOX360): Incredibly flawed game but I still find myself enjoying the game more as I progressed!

genre: action, adventure, hack and slash

If you read my review on the Deadpool movie I mention that I wasn't completely satisfied with how the fourth wall was broken. This game however does it exactly right. Deadpool basically is incredibly talkative and often manages to surprise you with his crazy antics. Actually I don't think he ever shuts up. 

More than in the film it becomes apparent very quickly that Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool is utterly insane. He drives everyone crazy including his own friends like Cable. The way it is done in the game is quite hilarious. There are some real moments that you could describe as genuine and typical Deadpool moments. Not all of these moments have the desired impact but seeing how they have been blended in with the gameplay I certainly found them to be the highlights of the game. Because the gameplay itself unfortunately is a little standard hack and slash stuff. For the most part very repetitive with very little variation in enemy types. All of the bosses can be defeated in the same fashion. And you will have to since they will come at you over and over again. In the last chapter it becomes even more outrageous because the number of the clones and the bosses are almost multiplied infinitely compared to previous levels. Especially when trying to defeat final boss Sinister. He sends you clones of himself in waves with characteristics of the few enemy types you have encountered again and again. If the controls were tight like in the original Devil May Cry games then I would have no issues facing them. Actually then I would embrace them. But then there is also the camera to deal with. It's a bitch. Sorry for my language. But it is. Even when pulling of some nice combos the minute I pressed the teleport / counter button the camera went crazy on me. Consequence is that you lose sight of the enemies you were facing and they always manage to get the advantage on you. To make matters worse once you are overwhelmed by the enemies your health bar decreases incredibly fast. Now I know what you are thinking that with Deadpool's healing ability that should not be so problematic. Well, it is. Because you will die if you don't retreat yourself from the enemies. It takes quite some time for the health to regenerate. Of course I understand that this mechanic has to be in the game since not dying would make it a little boring. Although the contrast with the Deadpool in the cut scenes is huge. Often is shown how Deadpool's head gets shot off or how his body gets split in two yet manages to crack jokes like there is no tomorrow. But when facing some generic goons he can die from just a few hits and shots. A little peculiar if you ask me.

While the strategy to defeat the bosses usually is pretty straightforward it can become a little tedious if you have neglected to upgrade your weapons and skills. It does pay off to collect as many coins as possible since unlocking the weapons and skills do make the difference. And having more options does increase the fun considerably. You can earn more coins by doing the challenges and replaying the chapters you already finished. It's good that they added this feature since this way I was able to experience some funny sequences in Deadpool's apartment I skipped on by leaving without exploring all of it fully. I only wished the developers would have done more to make replaying these chapters fun. Most of the time there is not that much to discover. You can't break boxes and furniture and there aren't that many objects to interact with outside the main game. I quite enjoyed the bio's of the comic book characters I came across and would have loved to find more of them hidden in the game. Come to think of it I would have loved to have more interaction with the characters you meet in the game. Or maybe even play as them in bonus missions or side quests. 

For the most part this Deadpool game is quite fun but you will have to endure some tedium in the beginning since the level and gameplay design is average. Later on this does improve considerable. Granted if you take the time to upgrade your character. I do think you will have to love the character and the type of humour that is attached to Deadpool. Otherwise you will have a hard time liking this game and you won't have any reason to keep playing.  

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