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Review Close Range (2015): Action wise it is stellar, everything else though is poor.

genre: action, crime, martial arts

Close Range is definitely showing what Scott Adkins is capable of and what he can deliver. He is the main draw and only reason this film will be worth your while. I only wished that the film industry would recognize and respect his talent a little better.  I know what you thinking. If the action is that good then why I am not praising this film? Let me explain.

This film doesn't waste time showing us the best which is Scott Adkins kicking ass. All of this done stylishly and with real good pace. Especially the camera work should be mentioned since it moves around to show all of the action in it's splendor. I was like: if the whole film is like this then I am in a for a treat. But after this director Isaac Florentine ventures into territories he knows nothing off and tries to tell a story and dramatize cardboard characters who don't have enough meat to be fleshed out. And honestly I did not care that much. Since all you needed to know was there. You know who you have to root for and who the villains are. Although I would have appreciated if the bad guys had been made more menacing and competent. You could hardly take them seriously. Were these guys to represent Mexican cartel members? Just read the newspapers how deadly they are in reality. Then watch these idiots in action. Some thugs take their sweet time to come into action and apparently they had zero strategy skills. There were enough men to surround the house and overwhelm Scott's character Colton MacReady. But they never do this. Let's wait for jefe to say what we need to do because we can't think on our own. Whatever Isaac was going for it killed the pacing and momentum. The consequence that the action scenes miss context. Very rarely did you feel there was something at stake. I can't emphasize enough how important it is to have this attached to the action. It is what makes you care and be invested. If you had a boss who didn't care and shot everybody on sight it would immediately put tension on everything. Such a simple method and yet so effective. But no. Isaac had to go fancy and he failed.

Close Range is filled with stellar action but everything else brings it down considerably which is a real shame since Scott Adkins is giving his best and he deserves much better treatment. Only watch this film for him doing his thing and ignore the rest.

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