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Review The Boss (2016): Gigantic waste of time. Don't bother!

genre: comedy

First two minutes were funny, the rest is not. Not one bit. How is that possible?

Melissa for once doesn't play a completely obnoxious character. Somehow in this one she is still a little likable next to being obnoxious. Her character is a little more serious compared to for example her Tammy. And this presents a problem. Most of the jokes and comedy has to come from her and how is that possible if you play it more seriously than usual. That and the fact that no attempt is made to actually make real clever jokes. The most effective ones were the very few slapstick moments and the bit where Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy) keeps getting returned by foster parents a la Problem Child. See not even that joke is original. The other actors were tolerable but they did not get that much to do. Kristen Bell, Tyler Labine and Peter Dinklage are completely wasted in their roles. And mostly because of the incredible poor writing done by Melissa McCarthy. Everything in this film is also totally predictable. Why not play try to play around with what people are expecting? The Boss is pretty child friendly. Apart from a few curse words and Michelle showing the original The Texas Chainsaw massacre to Rachel daughter of Claire (Kristen Bell). If the crudeness is supposed to be the joke then why not put it on the edge and go over the top. Make her curse and make her act irresponsible all the time. BTW Sacha Baron Cohen is a master in doing this. He goes so far that you can't help but laugh to the absurdity. Melissa fails to do this. Or why not take the story somewhere else? Why not let the outcome be that boss Michelle is a horrible person who is not someone we should feel sorry about. And let her take over the world with her rudeness. Remember Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy? Will Ferrel's character was a totally despicable character through and through and it was hella funny. But no, like I said no attempt was made. From start to finish this film takes it safe and fails. I keep reading how Melissa is supposed to be one of the funniest comedian talents around and she has yet to convince me of that. Maybe it is time that people woke up from their slumber and smelled the coffee. McCarthy is not funny.

Honestly I did not have huge expectations although I had hoped it would be on par with Spy. Sadly this is not the case. The Boss is a terrible comedy and one gigantic waste of your time so don't even bother.

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