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Review A Blade in the Dark a.k.a. La casa con la scala nel buio (1983): Flawed but effective giallo!

genre: giallo, horror, mystery

Somebody quoted one day that director Lamberto Bava is no Dario Argento. That would imply that Lamberto is incompetent or has no vision of his own. I for one disagree with this whole notion. The son of Mario Bava is a real good master of playing around with horror tropes and make them thrilling and entertaining. A Blade in the Dark is a prime example of this.

This movie has almost everything a giallo should contain. Sexy women, a brutal killer and gore. An observant and experienced viewer may be able to predict the identity of the killer early on but there are more than enough red herrings to make you doubt your self. There are lot of scenes in which cheesy clichés could have ruined the experience. Somehow the director manages to overturn these clichés into real tense scenes. And for once the main character is not a complete moron. This guy is real charismatic in the movie and his seriousness about all of the events make the movie even work better. Of course this movie has it's share of flaws where plot and logic collide. Especially in the rushed ending. But it didn't bother me in the slightest. Effective giallo!

Please avoid the trailers on the net since they give far too much away and not knowing anything provides the most fun. 

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