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Review Into the Storm (2014): How not to do a disaster movie!

genre: adventure, action, drama

You know it is kind of sad if a film made like 20 years ago outclasses a contemporary movie in every way. I am of course referring to Twister (1996). That one was far from a masterpiece but at least it had the right combination of drama and thrills.

Into the Storm is almost devoid of genuine thrills and drama. Emphasis on genuine since there are dramatic moments forced upon you meant to immerse and move you but instead fail to reach the desired impact. Most characters are not that likable. And even if you don't particularly dislike them not much effort is put into them for us to care about them. It doesn't help that the majority of these characters act like idiots. Just let me ask you one thing. Why should I sympathize with people looking up danger themselves? How can I feel sorry if for example the leader of a team of storm chasers almost gets a hard on from the prospect of seeing the eye of the tornado. They actively looked up the danger. Sure they tried to excuse that by saying how they were doing it for the good of mankind because of it's valuable research and such. Yeah right! A case could be made for the people who were unaware although vice principal Gary played by Richard Armitage did remark that they should postpone the graduation. Then why didn't he try to make that happen? What was the urgency to ignore the storm and carry on like nothing is happening at all. On the other hand things only started to get out of hand very late during the graduation. Although it makes me wonder if no one could have foreseen it. Anyway it does not matter much because you won't care one bit. Here is one bone I do have to pick that happens in a lot of films. So why is it that when certain characters call others on their cell phones that none of them send texts if nobody picks up? Often in these kinds of movies they are trying to warn someone. Then how come when they can't reach the person don't they follow through and send a text to make sure the message gets across? When does danger meet the criteria to start a text? Armitage curses when he does not reach his on screen son and then asks his younger son for the phone. In all this time the younger son could have called or send a text himself. In fact he knew where his older brother was all the time or at least had a pretty good idea. Didn't it occur to him to send a message. I mean wasn't whatsapp already hugely popular? I am aware that sometimes it is overlooked because of building up a certain kind of suspense. But that is stretching it and will have the reverse effect. BTW I had overlooked the fact how convenient it was for the film to put this newly formed couple together. Talk about going out of your way for so called dramatic effect.

Luckily the tornadoes themselves look great. At one time I did have trouble believing the size of some of them but apparently in real life they can get that big. Problem is though that the tornadoes never seem dangerous or menacing. Not once did I feel OMG run people run! It was more like the opposite. Come on little tornado show them what you can do and eat those pathetic humans ha ha ha ha (evil laugh). And since this film is taking itself far too seriously all you get is downright generic stuff. 

Into the Storm has all the ingredients of a Bad B movie but stripped of all that makes such a movie fun. Then what is the point? Avoid this people.

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