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Review Daddy's Home (2015): I laughed a few times and it almost redeems itself in the end but overall this was bad!

genre: comedy

Will Ferrel almost can do no wrong with me. Most of the time he really is able to connect with my funny bone. Although lately he has been letting me down somewhat. And not because of his performance but his choice to partner up with other actors he simply has not good chemistry with.

Do I really need to point out to you the disaster that was called Get Hard? First of all it was not porn. Secondly Kevin Hart failed to be funny for the whole duration of that film. Last but not least Ferrel and Hart were and are not a good match. Then enters Mark Wahlberg. He and Ferrel kind of worked in The Other Guys. But it hardly made an impression. Perhaps they themselves thought different and hooked up again. And I really wished they hadn't. Mark Wahlberg is one of those actors that I tolerate. Although more and more he is beginning to get on my nerves. One thing that absolutely annoys me is the fact that he is not even trying to act. He just plays himself. And if you don't believe me then watch an episode of Wahlburgers. His comedic talent is also vastly overrated. He did ok in Ted. But Ted 2 which basically was a rehash of the first one exposed his lack of talent all round. In Daddy's Home this is also the case. In a film where the premise is based on the dynamics between stepfather and biological father Mark Wahlberg does very little. Most of the comedy comes from Will Ferrel whose character is trying to deal with the new situation. And in this type of film it has to come from both actors. Like in Step Brothers. I know for sure if John C. Reilly had been playing the biological father things would have been a lot different and funnier. It also does not help that the writing is very poor. I was expecting at least some clever jabs at life of a step parent or family life of divorced people in general but sadly nothing of the sort. Brad Withaker (Will Ferrel) is so idiotic that it becomes hard to sympathize with him. The fact that we still do is all because of Will Ferrel's effort. But seriously which guy would invite an ex over or let him stay in his house? That kind of thing does not happen in real life. Daddy's Home is filled with such elements that take away from what could have been a really good comedy. The end does redeem the multitude of shortcomings of this film but unfortunately it comes far too late.

I wasn't expecting a lot but I had hoped for more fireworks and conflict between Will Ferrel and Mark Wahlberg. Instead we get a buddy movie instead. Say what? Yep, in hindsight that is exactly what this film is. Now I could be less cynical and appreciate the message that it pays off to play nice with exes as long as they are part of your stepchildren's lives. But honestly let's be real here. How often does that happen? I can't recommend this film since it is very lacking overall. I could overlook most flaws had this been a laugh riot. I laughed like four or five times. That is not enough for a comedy.

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