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Review Ride Along 2 (2016): I'll be damned Kevin Hart actually managed to make me laugh this time!

genre: comedy, crime, action

Ride Along 2 is far from clever or original but it does what it is supposed to. Make you laugh and bring you some nice action. 

When you have buddy cop movies like this you know you should not have high expectations. And when it comes to sequels you always have to be prepared that it could be worse than the original. In this case however it is slightly better. It looks like Kevin Hart has stopped trying to be funny with the result that now he actually has become funnier. Same goes for Ken Jeong. I usually can't stand him but he also seems to have learned to tone it down considerably and it works perfectly. Even Ice Cube looks like he is enjoying himself and seem less angry than he is usually. Add to that the sexy Olivia Munn and the team is complete. Like the first there is no pretension whatsoever other than to provide fun for a little over 90 minutes. It's nice to have light movies like these since they are a pleasant way to take your mind of things. Mind you the jokes are very simple and predictable. But that is cool. Sometimes that is just what you need. 

So yes, Ride Along 2 is one I can recommend if you are looking for a nice and fun way to pass the time.

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