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Review Batman: Bad Blood (2016): Animated Batman film filled with super heroes, super villains and action but lacking story and characterization!

genre: animation, comic book, super hero, action, crime

Apparently there are many candidates to fill Batman's shoes if one day he will be out of the picture although there will never be someone like him ever again. 

In Batman: Bad Blood we get a what if tale where it is explored what would happen if Batman would disappear one day and who would be worthy enough to follow him up. A very interesting premise if you ask me but one that is handled a little poorly. Instead of delving deep into the characters who very gladly want to help out we get served one action scene after another. I get it you are all very capable. No need to remind me every two minutes. I love action. But when it comes to comic book adaptations I also like to learn more about the characters and their universe. If you can strike a balance between characterization, story and the action then I will be very happy. Here there is almost too much action. Luckily this is a short film (72 minutes) so it won't get on your nerves. Still with the emphasis on action there is very little time given to get truly familiar with some new characters that make their entrance. Don't Batwoman and Batwing deserve better exposure? Then there is a familiar character whose name I won't mention who acts a little conflicting. I don't know if this was done on purpose for the sake to surprise the viewer. Or that they have lost sight of how they portrayed the character in earlier animated films. Whatever the goal was it was very weak. Like in Son of Batman this animated film commits a carnal sin. Batman is barely in it. So far that is a plot device I really don't like. However in this case that could be the whole point. (Don't ever leave us Batman, we need you!)

Bad Blood is adequate and entertaining enough but don't get your hopes up about learning something significant about any of the characters. Real shame if you ask me.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I saw Son of Batman. It was OK. The premise for this movie sounds excellent.




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