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Review Popoz (2015): Adequate Dutch parody on American cop / buddy movie!

genre: comedy, crime, action

The original Popoz is a Dutch sketch show on Comedy Central (Dutch). It's basically a parody on American cop shows and movies. I for one like this show very much because it does these parodies brilliantly and still gives it a little Dutch flavour without it becoming a mess. Maybe the International audience won't always get the jokes although most of them are pretty universal so I don't see any reason why they would not like it. Main characters Randy and Ivo both have some great chemistry and even when they are not speaking they are fascinating to look at. They easily could star in real serious cop films. 

I don't know who came with the idea but they decided to make a full movie based on the show and unfortunately it is not as sharp as the show is. You can tell that the jokes from the sketches lose their impact when stretched out. Especially since not many fresh jokes have been added. But there are a few redeeming factors. Apart from the main characters there is self appointed sidekick Coco. The guys aren't particularly fond of him and one of the running jokes of the show is that they almost always manage to kill him off in each episode. In the film there is a fun play on this since we expect him to die and then he simply won't. Another running joke is the very sexy and attractive Ancilla Tilia as Leo and how Randy and Ivo view her. She is a pathologist and very serious about her job and doesn't do anything remotely sexy yet in their mind they only have very naughty thoughts of her. Too bad though that this time around they toned down their usual response. (The track BTW is called Chat Up Line.) Actually a lot of the jokes have been made less offensive and rude. And that is killing the general vibe of the show a little. 

I enjoyed this film but especially the fans of the show will have to deal with the fact it's less sharp and witty as usual. 

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