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Review Police Story 2013 a.k.a. Police Story: Lockdown a.k.a. Back for Law a.k.a. Ging chat goo si (2013): One big con job, has nothing to do with the Police Story franchise we love!

genre: crime, thriller, action

It took me many tries to finish watching this film. Every time when I started I got frustrated and quit to attempt another time mostly because I forgotten that it was terrible. I must be getting old.

Some of you are probably contemplating to watch this film because of the good old franchise that Jackie Chan has given us. The one that was a wonderful mix of spectacular action and plain fun. This Police Story has nothing to do with that franchise. The title is just thrown in to appeal to a bigger audience and with very good reason since this movie is downright awful. It's without a doubt the worst Jackie Chan has been in. I don't even know where to begin. But what kills this the most is the structure of the film. None of the events in this film flow well. I get it that they were trying to be more serious, have more dialogue and focus on the plot more than usual. But then all of those elements better be good. And they are not. The incredible simplistic tale is told in such a way that it has you thinking there will some incredible twists and turns coming your way and that right from when the hostage situation is going on it will be one heck of a thrill ride. Those thoughts die out after 5 minutes or so. It doesn't take long for you to realize where it is heading and how it will end. The few action sequences that are in this are over before you know it and are interchanged with incredible long and dull dialogue scenes focusing on the so called mystery. I stopped caring after three attempts of watching this film. There is absolutely nothing about the plot that will grab you. You know how in these types of films you get mad for SWAT to rush in and shoot up the place. Here is was begging for that to happen. I wished all the characters in this film would die already so that I could move on from this poor film. But wait it gets worse. Shaky cam. Most horrendous use of shaky cam. It looked like an old grandma was filming who recently picked up a new hobby but had no clue who she was supposed to point the camera at. Add to that the crazy editing. Filmmakers, this is Jackie Chan we are talking about. I know he is old but he still can move and kick ass. He is a skilled martial artist. You don't have to conceal the fighting like you have to do with non martial artists. Considering how few action sequences there were it makes not sense why you would shorten them to this extent. I mean really. Actually when I think about it this film often looked like it was very low budget. Where certain camera filters were edited in with the cheapest video editing software you can imagine. Last but not least the melodrama. I have a love hate relationship when it comes to do that. There are times when I am very willing to be overwhelmed with unrelenting tragedy. And other times when I get disgusted since there is not much to relate to but where it still is laid on very thick making it appear substantial while it is not at all. Guess which category this film falls under? 

Under no circumstance should you watch this. Just forget that this film was ever made. And that is me being kind.

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