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Fire Emblem Fates: What to Know (Nintendo 3DS) by Ultimategamer132.

With the upcoming release (Februari 19 2016) of the dual Fire Emblem Fate games, its time to awaken your brains and enlighten them onto what similarities and differences each version holds within.

While Fire Emblem Awakening had a good balance between leniency and difficulty, Fates is splitting those two aspects into each of their versions. Birthright contains the lenient side. Birthright's ability to let players pay to replay chapters means they have more of a chance to gain loot and level up characters. In addition to that, a Phoenix Mode is added where units return to the living after each turn. These two components make it painstakingly obvious that Birthright is meant for those new to the strategy RPG franchise.

Fire Emblem Conquest takes a plunge into the extreme difficulty side of the pool. This is shown in Conquest's inability to replay any levels which makes players heavily think before they act. One thing that does get me excited is how Conquest will have varied completion goals which Awakening and Birthright lack.
Similarities in Differences

The only things both Fate games have in common are the first six chapters of the game, an ability to change a map's terrain using Dragon's Vein, and a My Castle mode. Their real comparisons; however, lie in the difference of classes and materials. Each version holds specific classes exclusive to that version. Also, My Castle allows units to eat food which raise stats and forge weapons from materials that are exclusive to their respective game.

Fire Emblem Fates has so much going against it. Its splitting into two versions is just one of those reasons. Despite its heavy backlash, Fates looks like its going to have an epic soundtrack, story, graphical quality, and gameplay. So like the Nohr and Hoshido choice, the outcome to purchasing Fates is unknown. 

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