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Review Moonwalkers (2015): One small step to failure one giant leap for retardation!

genre: comedy, action, crime

The whole premise based on the fake moon landing conspiracy was an interesting one. It had everything to go crazy on. Greed, America always wanting to be the first and the best in everything, trauma, Vietnam, the Sixties, Stanley Kubrick, Hollywood, the space program. You name it you just had to pick a few of these. And for a short while this looked like it was going to be one hell of a satire. Instead most comedy is based on the juvenile joke that drugs are cool.

How is that even inventive, creative and funny? Is this really the image people have of The Sixties? So much was happening in that era. And all what is focused on a small segment in the hippie movement. Please! It's almost embarrassing. But OK as long as this silliness got backed up by some nice jokes I would be able to go with the flow. Apart from a few laugh out loud moments (before you get excited I am talking about one or two tops) there was nothing. And I mean absolutely nothing hilarious about this flick. Rupert and Ron give it their best and they certainly are the better elements of this film. Only it can't save the film drowning from the incredibly poor and gross jokes. Especially if they aren't particularly funny. The action scenes were nice though. Only it felt a little out of place concerning the topic. What makes it worse that you could predict the movie's every move. What is the point of watching something you already know how it is going to play out. Why not make us think we knew what was going to happen and then surprise us with something else? Or at least try to give the viewer some reward in the end? 

No, no, no! Avoid this like the plague. It's not clever at all and just a waste of time and braincells. 

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