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Review The Peanuts Movie (2015): Much better than I expected and makes you feel real good in the end.

 genre: animation, comedy

The first time I got introduced to the Peanuts comics were way back when I was a little Chrichton eager to read every book or comic book present in the library. I do remember that I found Snoopy to be incredibly funny. Now a lot of years have passed and I wasn't entirely sure if I would still like it as much in my childhood. But oh yes I did, very much so.

I think the greatest thing about this animated movie is that it will appeal to old and new, young and old. Surprisingly there is a lot going on that people can relate to. Most of it is with flawed but lovable character Charlie Brown. He basically is us on our bad and pessimistic days. Although he keeps trying to do the best he can. Which of course is immensely admirable. Does it really matter then if this film does not take risks and tends to be a little sweet? I don't think so. One of the criticisms is that it plays it too safe and is not innovating enough. But why does it have to? It's been forever something Peanuts related has been made and I am pretty sure that there is a large group out there who don't know the franchise. What better way to introduce them to it by showing the (new) audience what we liked about Charlie Brown and his friends. In particular Snoopy and Woodstock. The dog and little bird who basically doing their own thing.  But also the old fans must be happy that for the most part this film stays true to the spirit of Peanuts plus you can't avoid the huge nostalgia factor. Even if you aren't that familiar with Peanuts there is something about this film that will make you reminisce about old times. The way The Peanuts Movie is animated is extraordinary. It's fully CGI but not in an obvious way. Somehow they managed to make it seem like the characters were drawn by hand. The adults still sound like trumpets, trombones (or whatever instrument they are using) and remains to be extremely funny. Especially if that is what most kids must be hearing something like that when their parents and teachers are preaching.  

Overall there is much to like and enjoy and it will make you feel very good in the end in just 90 minutes. This is one of those movies you watch to escape reality and all the bad things happening in the world currently. That is a pretty good deal if you ask me.

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