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Review Inside My Radio (PS4) by Ultimategamer132

Cause you'll dance all night to the best songs ever!

Inside My Radio has you boogy along side a green LED that gets trapped within a mysteriously dying boombox. Along the way you'll dance into other characters that represent different music styles such as Jazzy Jazz, Terrific Techno, and Riveting Rock (These music genres are under copyright of Ultimategamer132). Take these jams to heart as every action be they jumping, dashing, or slamming must match the rhythm of the dance. If you can't stand the heat of the dance floor, move to the options menu where visual aids and vibrations help you feel the way of the beat. With your revelation of the dance, you'll face a variety of challenges that involve dance battles, intense rhythm jammed platforming, and... OK boss battles.

Seriously though, Inside My Radio is the definition of awesome! Its decision to make every action match a certain beat is pure genius. I enjoyed performing actions that added to the already varied and phenomenal soundtrack. Everything is so OCD with its timing that it puts quick-time-events from Until Dawn to shame. It makes what would normally be boring platforming into an innovative gameplay choice.

Inside My Radio has a flashy art-style that helps accompany settings such as a night club. However, this design choice can make it difficult to read dialogue. Neon text against a neon background? I'm practically blind now from trying to read it.

That's not the only thing players will be blindsided with. In addition to the regular campaign, Inside My Radio pumps up the extreme with a Time Attack mode. Here you can replay through most levels with a 30 second time limit looming over you like a disco ball at all times. The only way to prevent a loss of time is by collecting clocks to increase it. Speed Demons and those generally craving a more fast paced experience will adore Time Attack.

Every component of Inside My Radio comes together like a fulfilled soundtrack. It has various level types as well as designs with a unique (and sometimes bothersome) design. Its just a big 'ol bunch of creative fun that leaves me with one complaint. For $15 I was disappointed at how quickly the campaign ended. Though, I guess time flies when you're having fun!

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