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Bed of Chaos was incredible infuriating / Gravelord Nito was a joke / Great Hollow and Ash Lake seem pointless

After having beaten The Four Kings and The Stray Demon I thought it was time to try my luck with the centipede demon and Bed of Chaos. Beating the centipede demon was super easy as I defeated him in my first attempt very quickly.

But then I get to fight Bed of Chaos. At first I was like, how difficult can this be since it has checkpoints that don't reset. Got through the first two checkpoints just fine. The last one however took me many tries. I keep reading how people say there is a pattern to this boss. Only you barely get the chance to observe this since if you stand still to long the boss will use his firestorm attack and you will lose like half of your health. Also in my many tries his pattern seemed to change up since sometimes he would spam the firestorm and the sweep attack. So it seemed very random to me. I decided to use the poise ring which did help a little but then a new problem arose. Getting on the three path. My attempts to jump on it resulted in being swept or missing the path until I realized that I also could roll on it from the left side. Once on the path it was a question of running and rolling and striking the maggot or whatever it was just once. In videos I seen that Bed of Chaos would use firestorm here as well. That is just all kinds of messed up.

I was not even trying hard to beat the guy but apart from the way he looked and his scary scream he was a pushover. The only ones that gave me real trouble were those skeletons and naturally I forgot to get my divine weapon from the bottomless box but I thought I did not have to deal with them since it was said the skeletons would not see me if I wore the ring of fog. Guess again. They did see me. Anyways I decided to spam my special magic attack just as Nito did. One Fire Tempest and one Chaos Storm and one Great Chaos ball is all it took for Nito to go sleep with the fishes.

Great Hollow and Ash Lake

What is the big deal with these hidden areas? Dark Souls fans seem to be going nuts for them and it did not connect with me at all. To me these areas seem unfinished and a waste of potential. 

Anyways I am trying to see what else I missed or overlook before I turn over the required souls to get to the final stage. 

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