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This Is Your Brian On Drugs (S01E11) : mid season Finale Limitless (mild spoilers)!

They made us wait three weeks for the show to return and all I can say that I was happy that it did but less so in how the mid season finale ended.

For an episode with Brian in the title there was not that much Brian. And seeing how they took the opportunity to focus more on Mike and Ike that was nice. However the whole plot seemed like a retread of what it's already established many times. NZT doesn't do wonders for everyone. Brian is unique in how he makes good use of the pill and reaches the ultimate of his potential. There is no need to repeat this. Sure like I said earlier it is nice to see things from the point of view from other characters. But was I the only thinking that it was lacking. Especially concerning Boyle. It seems to come out of nowhere and I simply don't like that. If there had been some buildup to it then I could have appreciated it more. Besides I don't really care for his character. I prefer the dynamics between Brian and Rebecca or between Brian and Naz or between Brian and Mike and Ike. Notice a pattern here? It's his light and comedic approach to things that makes me more invested. He did not become evil or anything. But somehow that is what it does for most people? Why? I do get that it helps for dramatic purposes still I would like to think that learning and knowing more creates better understanding of the world and everything in it. That would have to have the opposite effect.  In any case it is just a mid season finale so no real harm done.

But if anybody involved with the show is reading this. Please more Brian. He makes the show a lot of fun. 

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