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Review A Merry Friggin' Christmas (2014): Ouch, One of Robin Williams' last films and it's easily one of his worst.

genre: comedy, drama

This being Robin William's last movie I really expected him to shine and remind us why we thought of him as comedic genius. Sadly for us his heart is not in this film. Everything he does is on automatic pilot. And not once does he reach our funny bone.

But that can't be put entirely on him. There is enough talent involved who could have made this into more than you get. Candice Bergen, Joel McHale, Lauren Graham and Oliver Platt all fail to do what is needed to make us laugh. How is this possible? There are two culprits. The story and the direction. Not a single remarkable moment in this film. Well, maybe one at the end but that one was to be expected as that does not require talent whatsoever. But even with such an average story the director doesn't do anything remotely interesting with it. He does not show enough contrast. We just have to accept that Douglas Mitchler and Boyd Mitchler are at odds because of Douglas ruining Christmas for his son. Only in a few scenes very late into the movie we hear how there was much more going on. That kind of background is important. You need to portray those things in detail because that way it will make the audience invest into these characters. Now every attachment or sympathy towards any of the characters is absent. I really tried my best to look for something good but it simply is not present. 

Please avoid this film. There is no redeeming factor whatsoever. I just wished I did not waste time on this. Luckily for you now you won't have to.

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