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The Frankenstein Chronicles (2015) with Sean Bean / Season 1: Refreshing take on the old classic tale.


I have seen the complete season and it was wonderful. The Frankenstein Chronicles plays around with the old classic tale we know. It has quite a refreshing take where even creator / writer Marry Shelly has a pivotal role in the events displayed in this show. 

This show is more like a whodunnit where you are presented with a lot of people who in theory all could be the culprits. Main draw of course is Sean Bean and he is magnificent in this one. The London that is portrayed here is very nasty and vile. I have no clue if this resembles the London of that time but if it is it sure is not a place where I ever could live. The villainy types in the show might be dark and sinister not all of them are without some morals. If even criminal lowlifes are not crossing lines that should not be crossed what does that say about the person behind the Frankenstein Murders? I like the fact that they are portraying this person as the ultimate evil. Someone who simply can not sympathize with in the least bit. Which is a very refreshing approach.  This show is very good in building up tension and each episode ups the ante that leads to a rather impressive finale.

I won't spoil any of it but this show goes a little meta and deliver us something that has not been done before. I don't know even know where to begin to explain how confused I was initially. And how excited I am now. The wonderful take on the Frankenstein mythos has brought us in new territory and will surely bring us a lot more surprises in the future.

If you haven't done so by now I can wholeheartedly recommend this show. Sean Bean truly shines and again shows he is among the finest and coolest actors around. What are you waiting for, watch this show already!

The Frankenstein Chronicles on ITV Encore.
The Frankenstein Chronicles on Wikipedia

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