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Review Burnt (2015): Adequate but lacking passion.

genre: drama, comedy?

Burnt is not a bad film but for a film concerning food it lacks love and passion for it. The characters in this film are more concerned with getting Michelin stars and making the perfect food instead of showing us how and why they are so passionate about cooking food in the first place. Especially Adam Jones (played by Bradley Cooper) fails to impress as a chef. He did so much better in Kitchen Confidential. Burnt is about Adam Jones's journey of becoming a better man. We have to accept that the world thinks he is a brilliant chef and that he himself is his biggest enemy. After having disappeared from the grid due to drugs and real bad behaviour he returns to start a new restaurant and come on top again. The biggest problem with this premise is the fact that Adam Jones is a very unlikable character. There were only a few moments where I had kind of had sympathy for him. He might be yelling as loud as Gordon Ramsay he did not show an ounce of the passion that man has for cooking food. It is his passion that makes him scream when a dish is not prepared the way he wants it. It's more than just serving the perfect dish. It's about treating your customer with the best food you can provide. There is a huge different in approach. You could make a dish technically perfect and still it would not taste good if you did not put love into it. Director John Wells and the whole cast don't seem to get this. Throughout the film we see Adam criticizing others and telling them how they should act or behave and that they had potential for greatness but not once did I hear him praise how delicious their food was. Well, ok once or twice but it hardly was meaningful. At the end of the film we see a slight improvement but to say that Adam has gotten insight is too optimistic. 

The only redeeming factor of this film is how the dishes are presented. They look mouthwatering good. Forget about laughing since there is not a single funny scene in it. So it's a real mystery to me why this could be seen as a comedy. What is even more puzzling is the fact that Gordon Ramsay was attached to this project as an executive producer. Not sure how much he was involved but it does not seem he has been paying attention much because I can't believe that he would be happy with this result. 

Overall I would say you could watch this for the food. But for everything else it is just adequate. Not one I can recommend.

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