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Review Do you like Hitchcock? a.k.a. Ti piace Hitchcock? (2005) (TV): A must watch for giallo and Alfred Hitchcock fans!

genre: giallo, thriller

"Do you like Hitchcock" should be seen as tribute and parody of Argento's own work and Hitchcock classics. It is fun to watch and recognize the references. I am not going to mention them all since there are quite a lot. But the first one sets the tone and gives us a glimpse of what to come. 

In the introduction we see two older women in black acting strange. This curious boy (the lead character in his younger years) follows them where he sees them sacrificing a chicken in a very bloody manner. The boy cries and gets chased by these women. Luckily the boy can escape without being harmed. Of course the women are a reference to his supernatural thrillers like Suspiria and Inferno. Since it is obvious that the two women are supposed to be witches.

The funny thing was that the introduction in itself had nothing to do with the main plot apart from showing that the main character is a voyeur and getting in trouble because of it. The main plot is completely in Hitchcock mode where enough fresh elements have been added to keep everything interesting. Viewers aren't required to have seen any of Hitchcock movies. But believe me when I tell you that it makes it more worth wile if you have. 

Personally I would have preferred a much darker ending where all the events of the movie would have tied in. But that is just a little nitpicking on my part. This is a very fun movie. 

The following could be seen as spoiler so only read the following after having seen the film.

It would have been cool to see the main character finally get punished by the two women from the beginning after he realized that his voyeurism should stop. But maybe that would have been too dark for a light movie like this.

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