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Review Cut (2000): Flawed tribute to Scream but nonetheless a fun movie all the way!

genre: horror, slasher

Cut is an old school slasher movie that tries to be clever. In parts it succeeds and in some it fails. The premise is very interesting. 

Production of a movie called Hot Blooded has been devastating to say the least because of it's history. Even when some time has passed the unfinished production seems to be causing trouble. Resulting in unexplained deaths. Naturally it's a good thing to ignore and dismiss all these warnings. A team of multiple students are prepared to overlook everything bad concerning Hot Blooded and even make fun of it. Making it very obvious who is going to make it in the end. Since Cut is light on real creepiness it focuses more on comedy. And that we will have plenty of. Some of the killings were hilarious. As they should be. Then there is Molly Ringwald who was a joy to watch as the diva you don't mess with. It seemed like they were going for a parody/tribute to Scream. First, they explicitly mention Courtney Cox in reference to that movie and Molly basically is Courtney Cox's character in Scream. Second, "How very Wes Craven of you" referring to a moment in the movie where the supposedly actor portraying the killer is not saying anything back when we already know it is the real killer. I thought these little moments were clever and risky at the same time since Cut does not succeed in combining comedy and real thriller that well as Wes Craven did manage with Scream. But I appreciated the effort. So far so good. However there is one flaw I can't overlook. Which will be a little difficult to explain without spoiling but I will do my best. One of the biggest draws of Cut is not knowing who the new killer is. All events play out and promise a reveal similar to the one in Scream. And this is where it becomes disappointing. In stead of continuing the Scream or slasher genre tribute they take the easy way out. Which would have been fine if they would have gone for the more serious approach previously. Their explanation was lazy to say the least. It did not stop me from enjoying this movie. 

So maybe not as clever or memorable as it aims to be but still a fun movie all the way!     


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