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Review Tiger on the Beat a.k.a. Lo foo chut gang (1988): Wacky Buddy Cop movie featuring insane chainsaw fight!

genre: action, martial arts, heroic bloodshed

Tiger on the Beat is one of those movies that definitely won't be for everyone. Because even for someone like me who has seen the worst and wackiest from Hong Kong Cinema this one is hard to stomach. 

Basically this a buddy cop movie where Conan Lee and Chow Yun-Fat are forced to partner up and their partnership is not exactly going smoothly. For more than an hour you have to endure goofy comedy antics that will get on your nerves real fast. Chow Yun-Fat for the most part went full retard in this one. And for fans of The Killer, Hard Boiled and the Better Tomorrow films this will be hard to accept. Mind you the guy remains to be charming and charismatic somehow. 

Luckily there are some action scenes to be enjoyed but they are short and not that special. However this film redeems itself in the last twenty minutes where it offers what it should have been offering in the first place. Some cool and stylish heroic bloodshed. Only not entirely in the way you would expect. Some nice gun ballet for sure but the most interesting is the chainsaw fight between Gordon Liu and Conan Lee. They use the chainsaws like they are swords and it certainly is the highlight of this film.

This used to one of my favourites but I guess I have outgrown the immaturity of this film. If you manage to get a hold of this film then do yourself a favour and skip the first 50 minutes and just watch the finale.

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