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Review Bending the Rules (2012): A decent but extremely light buddy movie!

genre: comedy, crime

The trailer made the movie seem funnier. But like most trailers they picked out the best scenes. So what is left. Well, the main characters make a nice duo. Not really that much interesting interaction between them though. But it wasn't bad. Jamie Kennedy was out of his game somehow. He played a far too serious character and it did not work for him. They put him in all kinds of situations. And you would expect a character to freak out or something. But his reaction to those events was so under played that it did made you think why he was in the movie in the first place. Nice is good but a buddy movie, yes, that is what it supposed to be, requires great chemistry and fireworks. Or at least something that would put both characters on edge (no pun intended). Not being familiar with wrestling I don't really know the people involved. But I thought that the main character who played Nick Blades was very decent and extremely charming. And his charm and laid back character is extremely effective in otherwise a barely eventful movie. Decent enough for a rainy Sunday. 

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