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Review No Escape (2015): Incredibly intense action thriller but make no mistake this is mostly fantasy!

genre: thriller, action

There is no denying that No Escape grabs you by the throat most of the time since it does offer a glimpse of a what if scenario. How would you act and carry yourself if you were caught in a coup?

No Escape masterfully builds up tension and shows us quite effectively what could happen if suddenly large groups of people turn against their government and take over power. The film never actually gives you time to think about the how and why since you instantly want the main characters and other innocents to be out of harms way. However if you think about it there are a lot of elements that aren't adding up. Is it really possible for a government to be overthrown in just one day? Where was the army or the police? And would really all the rebels be as bloodthirsty as they were? Hardly any background is given to who the rebels are and why they are so furious. At certain points we get an explanation that magically is tied to Jack Dwyers' job and puts him in immediate danger. I am not entirely sure if this motivation was needed at all. Seemed to me that these rebels weren't that picky. Then much later close to the finale Hammond (Pierce Brosnan) has a little speech that is very political and probably a correct perspective of how the world works. Again I was wondering if this was really necessary if not insulting. No matter how just the cause if you lose sight of your humanity in the process what would be the point? Speaking of Brosnan. Don't get your hopes up of him having a big role. He is barely in it but he was easily the best. Although one scene with him will very likely be hard to swallow. 

The best way to enjoy No Escape is to suspend disbelief at certain points and just go with the fantasy it tries to tell you. Despite the unrealism there were a lot of events and situations that made me wonder how I would act. It made me question if you can prepare yourself for these things. Well, for one thing I do think that it is important for people to stay current on the actual news and follow certain developments so that you can avoid or prevent traveling to countries that might be a little unstable or dangerous to go to. At the same time I am thinking that sometimes people should not get that carried away. It takes a lot of organizing and mobilizing to start and maintain a coup especially if a country is big.

Overall No Escape is a good thriller that puts you on the edge of the seat most of the time but that can't escape (no pun intended) the simplification of presented events. And ladies and gentlemen do stay informed.

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