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Review The Divine Move a.k.a. Sin-ui Hansu (2014): Good film but a little underwhelming in the thrills department!

genre: drama, action, crime

The Divine Move starts with a bang and promises us a film full of thrills and twists. It's obvious that the game Go (called baduk in South Korea) plays a huge role and you would expect that the rules and strategies also would be applied in the film. But as the film continues it removes itself from the clever set up something that made the film stand out in the beginning. 

Go is a game I am not familiar with but from what is explained in the movie and what I read online that it's a strategy game similar to chess where one has to be many steps and moves ahead to stay on top and win. I think that is as much as you need to know about it. I kept waiting for this amazing strategy and move plot wise and it never occurred. In essence this is a revenge film. Instead of continuing a clever story with twists and turns you get action and violence. It's understandable of course but don't you think that a film with Go so prominently featured would have to play out like that game somewhat. Where the focus would be more on the strategy than the action. At one point we get introduced to some characters who give us some comic relief. I liked this very much but I can't deny that it detracted from the darkness the film started with. 

That being said though the film does deliver on good action and good acting. It is what made me overlook the lack of real surprises. But the pacing is mixed. There are parts that are fast and tense like in the beginning but there are also parts that drag and take away the little suspense that is build up. In hindsight the plot is a little disappointing. It could have gone a million directions that were much more interesting. Ok, maybe that is an exaggeration on my part. But still there were a few plot points that had peaked my interest and would have been a better choice had they been explored.

Overall I do think this is worth your time but do keep the expectations in check. This film is more focused on action and violence than on anything else.  

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