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Review Zero Tolerance (2015): Dustin Nguyen goes Charlie Bronson, if only it were just as as exciting as Bronson did it!

genre: action, crime, thriller

The only reason why I gave this film a shot was because of Dustin Nguyen and Scott Adkins. Both of them are skilled martial artists and I seriously was them to be delivering on this even if everything else would be abysmal. 

Sadly they don't. In fact apart from the poorly choreographed shootouts and one little fight there is not that much action let alone martial arts. You might be wondering what else this film would be offering then. Pretentiousness of the worst kind. And I think director Wych Kaosayananda is to blame. His most known flick is called Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever which featured Antonia Banderas and Lucy Lui. I watched it but can't remember what it's about and that is saying something because 97 percent of the time I do. So where does he go wrong? To be fair the people involved do try their best to go with whatever was on the director's mind if only the director himself had a good vision to be backed up. For the most part he goes out of his way to make a statement about the sex industry in Thailand. He does that using Dustin's character who is the father of Angel, who earned her living as a prostitute.  Dustin really tried hard to make us care about his agony and frustration which leads to him going Charlie Bronson. I almost bought the sincerity of it all until we got served the ending. Then something gets revealed that not only confirms you have been watching an incredibly poor film but also wants you make you feel bad for doing so. Seriously Wych? Is that how you want to reward the people who put in time and effort to watch your crappy movie? 

Ladies and gentlemen, stay away from this flick. Don't even watch this for the names involved. They don't deliver on the action as most of you are expecting them to. I mean think about it, do you really want to see Gary Daniels for his acting? Scott Adkins and Kane Kosugi are barely in this. Kane really gets a bad deal since he is in it for like 30 seconds or so. Nuff said. Gigantic waste of your time and energy.

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