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Review Get Married If You Can a.k.a. Cásese quien pueda (2014): Endure the squealing and you will be fine, average romcom but does not feel as a waste of time!

genre: romance, comedy

What can I say about Get Married If You Can? Well, for one thing this only caught my eye because I was looking for a recent Mexican film to pick up a little Spanish. I am currently learning Spanish and this was one of the films that popped up in my search.

For learning or practicing Spanish this is ideal since all of the cast speak clearly and eloquently. As a movie this certainly is not the best of the bunch. As a romcom it is pretty average and does ask of you to endure some squealing from actress Martha Higareda as bride to be Ana Paula (who you might know from McFarland, USA). Especially the first five minutes or so. But then after it does improve a bit. Although you do have to be aware that this film is incredibly typical and predictable. There is not even an attempt to make it stand out from the rest which is a shame since I did get the feeling that the cast were really trying. The film basically is about two sisters and their relation to men. Ana has a far too romantic view of the world and only sees whatever she wants to see. Then you have her sister Daniela played by Miriam Higareda (real life sister of Martha Higareda) who seems to be more grounded in realism but seems to lack the nerve to declare her love to her best friend whose name escapes me at the moment but is played by Luis Gerardo Méndez (who currently stars in Club de Cuervos which you can find on Netflix). Like I said their adventures are incredibly predictable and border to the boring and uninteresting if it weren't for the actors doing their best. What I think really will be a deal breaker for some is the lack of real laughs. In a romcom that is inexcusable. 

I can't recommend this film in good conscience unless you happen to catch it somewhere and nothing else is on. However I can recommend this if your sole purpose is to learn and practice Spanish. 

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