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Review Spooks: The Greater Good (TV Movie): You know nothing Will Holloway!

genre: espionage, action, thriller

A sequel to the show that was Spooks. Is this a worthy successor? Could this be the restart of a show that already should have been decommissioned after six seasons because it got too repetitive for it's own good. Read what I have to say about it if you want to know.

Spooks was a terrific show filled with intrigue and action. But it made the fatal mistake to go on when it was starting to get stale especially since the writers went a little trigger happy killing of some important characters. I kept watching until midway season 9 and gave up. I simply did not care anymore although I always carried hope it would pick itself up again. And what better way to do that with a TV Movie to rekindle the spark. Unfortunately Spooks: The Greater Good is not going to be that spark. 

The Greater Good again exposes the fatigue and the repetitive nature of the show in it's last seasons. I never found Harry Pearce to be that interesting to be honest but somehow the writers seem to think he was. And sure it can be compelling to poke and mess with an established character like him but you can only do that so many times before it gets boring. This TV movie is advertised as a Kitt Harrington vehicle. But in truth he is just a side character, a puppet who is being controlled by Harry Pearce so his character Will Holloway ends up being a shell who could have been played by anyone. If you ask me Kitt Harrington deserves better. Much better. So far though he hasn't had real luck with the films he chose to be part of. I mean who actually remembers that he was the lead in Pompeii. Anyone who has seen Game of Thrones knows that Kitt Harrington can deliver so please give him a proper chance to do so. 

So it is assumed that you at least know the character Harry Pearce a little. Still I think enough context is given that you could watch this without having seen the show once.  But I guess that if you watch this film without knowledge of the show you would wonder constantly why his character was featured so prominently. Next to the events tied to Harry there is nothing of significance whatsoever. The terrorists and their attacks are just in function of the main plot which is the search for a traitor. Yes, this is as boring as it sounds. Somehow I knew this was going to happen but still it could not sway me because I had hoped that bringing in the young Kitt would put emphasis on more action and spectacle. Sadly this is not the case. The action is minimal but at one point it seemed to get more interesting. And just when you thought things would kick into high gear you find out that the terrorists have less bite than a chihuahua. Making you realize you just wasted your precious time.

Overall Spooks: The Greater Good is a poor attempt in recreating what once was a magnificent show. It does not do anything surprising or good and Kitt Harrington fails to bring the freshness it so desperately needed. Although in all fairness that his not his fault. So stay clear from this.

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