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Review Iron Angels 3 a.k.a. Angel III a.k.a. Midnite Angels 3 a.k.a. Tian shi xing dong III mo nu mo ri (1989): Faster and more action filled than the previous parts in the franchise and that is saying something! BTW the villain in this film is not played by Saskia van Rijswijk. But by Katy Hickman.

genre: action, martial arts, girls with guns

The first two parts in this franchise already were incredibly spectacular but this one very easily tops this. How? Simply by putting more action in. Yet manages to have somewhat of a plot. And in this case it works real well.

Moon Lee was one of the favourite actresses in the girls with guns genre even when in reality she was no martial artist. Of course her looks contributed to her popularity greatly still she did make it seem like she could move and kick ass. Very wisely the film makers decided to increase her role significantly and it is one of the reasons why Iron Angels 3 is so good. 

The other reason is that the shootouts and martial arts are superbly choreographed. But most important that all of this is well shot and edited. Meaning you can actually see what people are doing. 

The third reason is that this part in the Iron Angels franchise is a tribute to James Bond. Pay special attention to the scene in the train that obviously is a play on the famous fight scene in From Russia with Love. But personally I liked this better because you have the pretty Moon Lee fighting this beautiful female assassin. No, it's not the hormones talking. I swear! It is one of the finest action scenes filled in a cramped space. 

One other reason is the main villain who very strangely enough is not named. For some reason people seem to think this role is performed by Saskia van Rijswijk. But this is false since the actress in question is Katy Hickman. Ok I have to admit that the resemblance is uncanny but look at the both of them closely and you can see the difference. But check Katy's bio on HKMDB and then Saskia's. When it comes to Hong Kong movies I trust their information more. 

Iron Angels 3 is without a doubt one of the best titles that this genre has to offer. That is why I think it is very strange that they have not mass produced this on DVD. Like with the previous parts it is hard to get a hold of decent copies and if you have found one then you can be sure it's recorded from video. I used to own the vhs tape of this flick. But then an acquaintance borrowed one third of my collection to never be returned. I shall not name him but you can rest assured that I have learned a big lesson, to never lend anybody anything and expecting it back. Sad but true. Anyway this is definitely a must watch for the action lover!

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