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Review Iron Angels 2 a.k.a. Angel II a.k.a. Tian shi xing dong II zhi huo feng kuang long (1988): This time it's personal!

genre: girls with guns, action, martial arts

The Iron Angels are on a well deserved vacation in Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia where Alex played by Alex Fong (Angel 1) meets up with two of his best friends from school (Peter and Marco). The three are having the best time even if they get mixed up in a brawl. Moon and Elaine aren't allowed to party with them since of course the men are total idiots. Why bring along these very capable and beautiful women when you can hit on gorgeous trans women?

Peter seems to have done well and is a little vague about his job when asked which should have made our Angels (professional crime fighters) at least a bit suspicious. Then again you can't completely fault them since Peter is an incredibly charming man who makes sure all of them are having a good time. Plus Elaine has fallen for Peter big time and naturally that blinds you from the obvious. The other friend Marco briefly informs Alex that something is up with Peter and that he will tell him more when they get the chance to speak. Alex doesn't push the issue probably because he is enjoying himself too much. And honestly can you blame the guy? These Angels are put in life and death situations all the time so wouldn't you try to relax and forget about work. Marco who is investigating on behalf of the C.I.A. discovers something and gets captured. It is at this moment that the C.I.A. are aware that something is very wrong and call upon the Angels to look for Marco. Very quickly they are aware of what is going on and they decide to do whatever they can to put a stop to it.

Iron Angels was a very fast paced film with some very exciting and memorable action sequences. Iron Angels 2 might be less memorable and may feel a little slower it still is filled with well choreographed action scenes. It's admirable that director and writer Teresa Woo tried to make the story a little more dramatic and therefore interesting. But Iron Angels was a whole lot bigger in scale and impact. If Teresa Woo had backed up the story with those bigger action sequences then without a doubt this sequel would have been more epic.

That being said this sequel still is very enjoyable and a very decent entry in the Iron Angels franchise. If you can get a hold of this part then don't hesitate to purchase it. It is definitely one of the better films in the girls with guns genre.

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