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Review Guardians of the Galaxy (2014): Different from the other Marvel films but definitely one of the best space opera's ever made!

genre: science fiction, super hero, action, adventure

Today I watched Guardians of the Galaxy for the second time and I am happy to report it remains a fun and entertaining film throughout. In fact I think we do have a classic space opera on our hands.

Here I was thinking that the majority was in agreement of the magnificence that is Guardians of the Galaxy. Apparently though there are some people who think it is the worst movie ever. I am really surprised that they would think this. Even if you would not like the genre then I do think that Guardians has a lot of elements that are appealing to a lot of people. While in the background something ominous is going on and while the villains truly are as evil as you could expect it never goes overboard with it's darkness. It does point out certain issues and provides touching scenes without going to deep into it. You know enough to care and move on from there. It is here where the brilliance lies. Try making a character compelling with minimal means. You will find out, that is quite hard to do. One of the major complaints is the simplistic tale of good versus evil. Honestly whenever I see that when it comes to the superhero comic book adaptations it fills me up with astonishment and contempt. While the comic books have more to them then you would initially think the main appeal of comics in this genre have always been the good versus evil angle. It's an old plot device that rarely gets old. Because it does make people feel good at the end. If you can't fathom this then I do wonder why some bothered to go watch a film like this. I can already tell you would not like it no matter how good it is.

And let's put something straight. This is a good film. If not one of the best science fiction films that has come out in a long time. Compare this to Jupiter Ascending and it is easy to see that Guardians of the Galaxy does more things right then it does wrong. For one thing it is the first one of the Marvel films that deviates from all the previous films and shows us the scale of it's universe. The infinity stone and the overarching story that is tied to it will be one of the most epic undertakings in film history. I mean just reading the comics back in the day I was amazed and impressed in how many famous characters were involved. To even attempt to bring that story to life is something that should be admired. Guardians of the Galaxy shows us a little glimpse of what would we could expect. And that prospect fills me up with an anticipation I have not felt in a long time. If you can't comprehend the magnitude of what direction Marvel is going you have no business watching films like these. 

Guardians of a Galaxy is filled with great action, comedy and appropriate drama that make the main characters very likable. I am not sure about Zoe Saldana though. It does seem like the role she plays here is the same as her Uhura from the reboot Star Trek. But other than that the voice acting by Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel was brilliant. I mean it must be real hard to evoke emotion by just saying I am Groot. And still he manages to do so. You can tell that this film is made with a lot of love and you receive it back when it's finished. So yes, I do think this is one of those films I will be enjoying over and over again.

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