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Review Air (2015): Had it been about passing gas then I would have enjoyed it much better!

genre: thriller, drama, science fiction

There were two things that had drawn me to this movie. The post apocalyptic theme and Norman Reedus. I truly hoped that this would be compelling and sadly I have to report it wasn't in the slightest.

The premise was interesting. But strangely enough nothing else was done with it apart from setting up the scene and explaining why they were there. The two main characters barely discussed the philosophical matters or had any real intelligent conversations. In a way that made sense since these two sort of represent the working class in service of the sleepers (apparently privileged people from all kinds of branches with knowledge of how to build up the new world) who are the last hope of the world. It is made clear from very early on that they are the most important and vital and that they are expendable. All of this could have been exploited and explored in detail and I think it would have been fascinating. (They could have made a point about how all people matter or something like that). Instead we get what you always get in films set up like this one. One predictable boring moment after another. At one point I thought that they had done this on purpose and then would surprise us with some twist that would have made all of the suffering worth my while. But no. There was none of that. There were no surprises whatsoever. No twist, no turn, no deeper meaning. Nothing. Imagine being all excited and looking forward to be amazed and then you get the most generic sci fi movie you can think of. Not so long ago I grew tired of zombies. Almost every movie had them in one way or another. And now I was literally begging for them or other creatures like cockroaches to show up. Where were they? They are supposed to survive and outlast humans aren't they? Cockroaches versus Norman. Now that would be something.

I did not like nor did I hate the main characters at the beginning. But after twenty minutes or so I started to dislike them and at the end of it I could care less of what would happen at all. The film had a good setting to build up tension and suspense. And only here and there that was efficiently used. But for the majority of the time it was non existent. As a viewer you weren't really motivated enough to look forward of what was coming. Norman Reedus was repeating his Daryl Dixon role on but was decent. I do think that both him and Djimon Hounsou were doing their best but were let down by poor script, characterization and bad direction. I mean what was the point of this film? I really don't mind nothing happening as long there is enough there to make me think about certain matters. Here I I was searching and searching for something meaningful and I could not find a single thing. And then that ending happens. Very briefly I thought, ok, this could work, this is a nice ending. But then poof. It was gone, not even the nice ending could have ended satisfyingly.  I don't know about you but this got me real angry. I invest my precious time into this and then I expect to get some reward. Instead you realize you just wasted 90 minutes of your life. 

Next time Norman, I won't be tricked by you ever again. You can keep making selfies at the set and keep saying how awesome it is going to be. I am not going to fall for that. You have disappointed me. But let me ask you Norman, did you really think this was a good project? If so, could you explain why? Because I am not getting it. Ladies and gentlemen, save yourself some torture and don't watch this. It's a gigantic waste of time.

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