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Review Gantz: Perfect Answer: Still will leave you clueless but manages to give the viewer an action packed thrill ride with a satisfying ending nonetheless!

genre: comic book adaptation, science fiction, action, drama

The sequel to Gantz surpasses the original in many ways and concludes the two parter very nicely even though you still won't have a clue of what actually transpired.

Does that really matter? For me personally I was moved and satisfied enough. Mostly because the characters this time around are far more likable and less shocked as they were in the first one. And it was because of them that the events had an impact. The action scenes were better choreographed and far more stylish than in the original and therefore very enjoyable. And on top of this some of the developments became more complex and thrilling ever hinting but never explaining of what exactly is going on and why it is going on. I know one thing, now I feel like I have to watch the anime to see if that will give me the answers I crave. And if the anime won't then I will just have to read the manga. That is how I excited these movies have made me. 

It's a real shame that these movies have flown under the radar of many and most of it must have been because the manga is considered trash. And yes some of the events in the movie are downright weird and bizarre. I think the movies must have toned down the sexuality although the first one does show enough to hint that there must be more in the manga and anime. But even if that were true. If these movies only show a little of what the anime and the manga have to offer then I am already sold on the sheer creativity of it all. 

Gantz: Perfect Answer is how sequels should be. Following and building up on the original while adding enough fresh or new elements to surpass the original in some ways. While you could be critical of not getting all the answers these movies raise they do manage to draw you in with their bizarre concepts. I was completely enthralled at the end. So if you are craving good sci fi then I can definitely recommend both Gantz movies. 

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