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Review Gantz (2010): Weird, odd, but compelling stuff!

genre: comic book adaptation, science fiction, action

Someone told me about a weird and ultra twisted anime called Gantz. The exact words were that it was evil. Normally that would be incentive enough for me to watch it but somehow I never gotten around to it. Today on a whim I felt like watching the live action film purely out of curiosity to see if it would be something that would appeal to me. 


I can wholeheartedly say that it did and that I certainly will be watching the sequel (second in this two parter) and perhaps even the full anime series if I find the time to do that. (And no not because of the beautiful Natsuna in the image above but it was sure nice to see her wear that leather suit.) Gantz really is compelling stuff. For the most part you won't have a clue of what is going and why it is happening. Things are implied but for the time being it is left to the viewer how to interpret the events. Since a large part of these events is part of the fun I won't get into it too much. However I will have to warn you that the pace is very uneven, it does take a while for something action packed too happen and even then there are too many breaks in between where you wonder why the characters aren't coming in to action a little quicker. Perhaps one explanation can be that just like the viewer the people in this film can't believe what is happening to them and they are very much in shock of how to cope with it all. Luckily for us a few of them do wake up from their slumber and thus provide the spectacle most of you have been waiting for. Also be aware that Gantz is very weird and odd. This being an adaptation of Japanese anime I was expecting that a little but even then you will be scratching your head in amazement. Mind you it is one of the reasons why I did enjoy this very much and stuck with it till the end. Gantz does manage to make you care about their main characters even when often you won't really understand some of their actions and attitude. And good that it did otherwise I would have not been able to tolerate any of the events. 

Do try to sit through till the end and you will be rewarded. Even when it doesn't conclude the story it will make you look forward to watching the final part since it looks like that one will be filled with more action, thrills and spectacle. 

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