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Review The Death of "Superman Lives": What happened?: Your guess is as good as mine because this documentary doesn't really give a satisfying answer other than the most obvious!

genre: documentary

Long time ago before the internet was as booming as it was now somehow word got to me they were making a superman movie based on the comic book story Death of Superman and what happened after. Naturally this peaked my interest since this was one of the most epic tales in the Superman comic book verse. This film never came and instead we got served with the incredibly underwhelming Superman Returns. So of course I was going to watch a documentary telling us why the Tim Burton Superman movie never happened.

Only after having seen it I did not get much wiser at all. We never get the real skinny of why this project did not happen other than the most obvious because of budgetary reasons and the studio not having faith in Nicolas Cage as Superman and Tim Burton directing it. You don't need a feature length documentary to tell me that. 

However we do get to see what was in the works and holy mother of Jesus. If Tim Burton got his way this would have been either an immensely enjoyable disaster or epic. I leave it up to you what it is since a lot of the ideas were pretty out there. And you know what I would have even bought Nic Cage as Superman. At least this kind. Because it would be a Superman unlike we seen before. But while it was fun to see some of the concepts and the costumes the documentary never gets real deep into things. Everything is as superficial as it can get. And most of the juicy inside information is left out and nowhere to be found. Jon Schnepp remains far too nice to the people he is interviewing and never dares to ask the real important and hard questions. For this reason this documentary felt as a giant waste of time. Now maybe a fanboy of Superman would appreciate this more but most of what is discussed barely interests me. I mean I get it the new superman suit would have been amazing but to dwell on it for so long is just tiring. It would have been far more interesting had they given more details about why exactly they changed up the script writers. What exactly made them dislike Kevin Smith's script? First they liked his energy and then suddenly they don't like it. Why? Even Kevin Smith admits not being a good writer for the film.  But leaves out why that is. Those things interest me. It gives far more insight into the film making process and why projects get canceled that to linger on costumes and design.

This documentary raises a question to which the audience never gets a satisfying answer. Apart from being distracted a little of what could have been the only answers that are given is that any one with any interest in Superman already knows. Making this completely pointless. So overall only worth it to see what Tim Burton's version was. Other than that I would stay clear.

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