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Review Ted 2 (2015): Don't bother. This is worse than A Millions Ways to Die in the West!

genre: comedy

You would think after the catastrophe that was A Millions Ways to Die in the West Seth MacFarlane would try harder to do different and keep his ego in check. And how could you go wrong? Ted was a funny movie that was a nice combination of something crude and touching. But no, he screwed it up big time.

I sincerely had hoped that MacFarlane would at least repeat what he did with the original Ted. But Ted 2 is nothing like it's predecessor. Only a few jokes made me laugh mildly. And that was more out of pity than that I thought it was brilliant. None of the events of the story peaked my interest. Very briefly I appreciated the attempt into looking when something is considered a living being or human. But that turned out to be a real mess since even Morgan Freeman could not convince me of why that was exactly. His definitions couldn't be more off. But speaking of him. Why was he in this film? He did nothing significant. His role could have been played by anyone. You would think that in a comedy like this they would have asked to act out like Liam Neeson did. Or at least tried something similar to what Trey Parker did in Southpark (episode Obama Wins). That was hilarious. No such luck. The comedy was simply absent. To give you an idea of the level you have to lower yourself to. Ted, John and Samantha end up deep in the countryside somewhere and find a large field of cannabis. Which gets them very emotional since they think it is the most beautiful thing ever. I get it, they like pot. That stopped being funny years ago. The only people who still could pull off making me laugh about drugs and drug use are Cheech and Chong. Well, maybe a few others but point is that comedians like Cheech and Chong add something to it because they are brilliant. Here they simply reference to the drug and that is it. Very lame if you ask me. 

I could have forgiven all of this if I could have detected any heart or soul in this project. Which was present in the original. But it doesn't really look like much effort is put into this film at all. It's a rehash of Family Guy where we get to see the same jokes over and over again. It doesn't help that the film refers to people or commercials the world outside America aren't even familiar with. I suggest that Seth takes a long break and learn some humility. His audacity to release such a time waster without even trying to offer something fun and nice is reprehensible . 

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