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Review Patrick (2013): Serious the first 45 minutes then it loses itself and revels in over the top madness!

genre: horror

Patrick does a good job of tricking you that this is a serious and suspenseful affair. Where emphasis lies on building terror and dread by slowly building intrigue and tension. The atmosphere and the soundtrack back up this notion. Then after 45 minutes or so it completely forsakes all of that and it becomes a real laugh riot. Having actors like Charles Dance and Rachel Griffiths do help in making you believe this is a good film and to a point I do think it is. But there are too many scenes that border the downright hilarious while I know they were supposed to be creepy and scary. Once you start laughing it becomes real hard to stop. Don't worry though once the craziness starts you are apparently allowed to. Because when this happens all the brakes and restrictions are let go off and Patrick revels in over the top madness in a very old school way. Now I for one can appreciate a throwback however I can't escape the feeling that the film makers involved got lazy and took the easy way out. Since this is a remake I now feel compelled to see the original and how this one fares to that one. I will do a comparison when I get to it.

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