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Review Fringe (2008 - 2013): Be patient and you will be rewarded with top notch drama and thrills!

genre: science fiction, thriller, drama

Fringe is without a doubt one of the best science fictions show made in existence. While a lot of the events may seem implausible or possible you can't deny that some of the discoveries made in this show do confront the viewer with the truth that someone somewhere is trying to do something similar. Most of the time these scientists have good intentions. But as you and I may know not all inventions will or are used for good.

Fringe at first glance seems very similar to The X-Files. Where in each episode something new or weird is found and that a designated team consisting of Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv), Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) and Walter Bishop (John Noble) are put on the case to investigate of what is going on. And I have to admit that after being blown away by the pilot that the earlier episodes were a bit slow. However after having watched the whole show it is safe to say that all the supposed stand alone episodes tie in to the main arcs in some way or another. Meaning that even when an event seems useless it at one point becomes very useful. Which is a huge step up on X-Files. The characters in Fringe are also much better developed. You will get to see different sides to very important characters. The cast is phenomenal. And John Noble in particular shows a rare kind of acting that truly is something you have to see with your own eyes. Resulting that over time you will be invested in them or even care about them. Especially in the last season and if you must know the finale specifically. Knowing that there never will be another episode or season you will have to say goodbye to the characters you have been on adventures with. Emotionally Fringe can be compared to Lost, which must not be that surprising since one of the creators of this show is J.J. Abrams. Although while Fringe just as Lost adds mystery on mystery Fringe never leaves things unsolved. All of the weird and bizarre events and how they are connected to each other and the characters are explained. It will never leave you guessing for too long. Although sometimes it relentlessly makes you wait and torment you until you get the release and pay off you deserve. Also interesting to know is that Fringe is filled with references and easter eggs to events and characters in the show itself and to other shows and films in the genre. And that could make it extra fun. 

As you can see I haven't given away any details of this show since I believe that your enjoyment will only be increased if you don't know what's coming. Now words of advice. Keep watching the early episodes of the first season. I know that some of them may seem uneventful and boring but I will promise you that there is a good reason for that. Fringe slowly is trying to get you into it's world but where your patience will be rewarded with top notch drama and thrills.

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