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Review About Time (2013): Bland but charming!

genre: comedy, romance, drama, fantasy

At it's heart About Time is a drama with major romantic and comedic elements in it. It touches upon relationships between family, friends when we follow the main character Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) in his pursuit to find love and happiness. Added to this is a fantasy twist that premise wise could make events a lot more interesting.

Who doesn't want to travel back into time to correct the mistakes he or she has made to get a different outcome? And About Time shows a little of this which was very amusing. Although if I am being honest I think they could have done so much more with the premise. Now it was more used to tie up connections and events very conveniently to prevent real tragedies to occur.  Actually I found About Time much too light. Some scenes were clearly asking to be handled more seriously or looked into further. Also we never really get to know the characters that well. For the most part it's all happy and joyful and we never get to see real conflicts or how people truly would react in the situations this film is displaying. This film also does not show any struggle. Everything works out perfectly. Not once did I hear someone utter words about things being difficult financially. I get it that the characters here are supposed to be well off. But well off people have problems too. Or at least that is what Puff Daddy and Notorious B.I.G. kept saying: Mo money mo problems. Speaking of them where was the multicultural London I know? About Time almost seems like a fairy tale and a little too sweet. However I could not but help to be charmed since you can't ignore that the characters despite their blandness are very likable. Which is credit to the excellent cast. It was nice to see the father played by Bill Nighy be so loving and caring towards his son.

Overall I can't fault this film to much since I found it enjoyable and charming. But I can imagine that not everyone will be too happy with the blandness and lightness of this film. 

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