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Review The Calling (2014): Compelling enough to sit through towards the end and mostly because of Susan Sarandon

genre: thriller

The Calling is a dark film that builds up the tension quite slow but effectively. Most of the the attention goes to Susan Sarandon's character which is a very good thing since she carries the film and is basically the reason this film remains interesting. It was nice to see Topher Grace as the rookie cop. Him and Susan had some good chemistry together. I expected The Calling to be more like Seven (full of action and thrills where the serial killer almost seems like a super human). Only in hindsight this film has another take on things which is very refreshing. And It is hard to say what it is exactly without giving away spoilers. So I won't. You just have to take my word for it that The Calling is compelling enough to sit through towards the end. It touches some subjects like dealing with old age, sickness and religion that puts it above the average thriller but never forces it's ideas on you. One example is Hazel being afraid to use a smart phone and responds to it like most people of her age would react. Which was funny but also made you think. I myself never got bored and wanted to know where it was going and how it would end. The ending is one that requires a lot from the viewer but it is one that gives this film a nice edge. So if you come across this title and you are wondering if it is worth your time then my answer is yes.

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