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Review McFarland,USA (2015): How feel good movies should be. GO McFARLAND cougars!

genre: drama, sports

In most reviews you will read that McFarland, USA is very predictable and maybe because of that not good enough. Let me tell you that this is not the case. While it does not do things remotely fresh. It does pay attention to a real situation or event that deserves to be thought or talked about. Are people aware that there are states in the USA that are incredibly poor and need to go beyond what is humanly possible to achieve the same as what is taking for granted by most to stay afloat or get ahead? Kevin Costner's character gives us a glimpse and describes this in just the right words at one point. McFarland USA very subtly displays another America that most people chose to ignore. And I think it is good that we get to know about this even if that means the real story is told and depicted in a predictable way. It does not take away from the power of the story. Like similar films this one focuses on The American Dream and that a lot is possible even when things seem impossible. How can you dislike this ever? McFarland USA is never boring. It inspires and gives hope to people no matter where you are in the world.  Kevin Costner is excellent as always and treats the material and film with a lot of respect. Something I would like to see more often. In this film they also show that people aren't ignorant or stupid but very desperate. And there is a huge difference between that. In my opinion very much worth your time. Go McFarland cougars!

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