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Review Home Sweet Hell (2015): I would prefer hell to this any day!

genre: comedy

Home Sweet Hell has a very interesting premise. It's bizarre but I think with the right direction and a little more depth it could have been something exceptionally good. They could have made this film about some important issues like failed marriage, infidelity or psychological disorders. Instead we are introduced to some events that never are funny or entertaining. For me it was rather painful to watch. There are several scenes where Katherine Heigl who plays Mona Champagne is shown as a control freak. I know they were going for some laughs here but to me it only evoked sadness. Especially when Mona was being hard on her son for no good reason at all. That kind of mental abuse at such a young age is not something I think is really a topic you can make fun off unless you do it properly. Meaning that you add some wit to it that makes you view it differently or critically. None of the events have that. It basically is what it is and that simply is not good enough. You can't blame the actors for the poor direction that much. Although they could have tried to made the characters a little more interesting or colorful. I read some comments where people were impressed with Katherine Heigl. If by that they mean they truly hated her character Mona then I agree. Mona is a very unlikable character. And not like a real person at all. Goes for the other characters also. Dark comedies like these only work if you make their actions believable. (I do get that there is something really wrong with Mona. However why does Hollywood always resort to the most obvious. It's getting real boring. Plus the impact of it all would have been so much more if they tried to make these characters a little more realistic.) No matter how strange the events. Only at brief times could I muster up sympathy for Don Champagne. In the end you will ask yourself what the point was of this film. It's not funny and there is no deeper meaning behind it. Maybe briefly you will imagine how it would be like to have a wife as Mona. Only to quickly realize that no one in their right mind would ever be with such a person. Please skip this. It's a huge waste of your time!

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