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Review Baby (2015): Has a heavy 24 and Argo vibe, very thrilling and exciting!

genre: espionage, action, thriller

Baby is proof that Bollywood has what it takes to compete with Hollywood as long as they stray away from the Masala concept. No mixing of the genres and no song and dance. Thank god for that. 

While Baby is not a masterpiece by a long shot it does manage to draw you in and keeps you glued to the screen until it's finished. This is mostly because of the cast and the fast pace. The plot is not that special and is very flawed. However because of the tight direction you will hardly be bothered by them. First and foremost this is an action thriller where one has to excuse the emphasis on action and tension raising sequences where there is not much place for logic. Now that being said there were some flaws where I was asking myself if they could not have handled that better. On the other hand all movies in the genre make the same mistakes. These mistakes are functional to advance the plot. Don't get too hung up about them. I did wish though they would have given the characters a little more depth. Akshay Kumar is solid but I could not agree with how they handled his family life. It was a little too convenient and drama free. Although it can be explained that he has a high sense of duty and love for his country. I have yet to see a Hollywood film explain patriotism. So why would a Bollywood be required to do so. 

Baby has a heavy 24 and Argo vibe where one goes from tense event to another and where there is little to no distraction. That is something I would like to see more often in Bollywood films. So yes I can wholeheartedly recommend this. BTW if you liked this then watch Special 26 , also with Akshay Kumar.

Additional Note:
After having read some comments on IMDB I feel compelled to reply. Some people are being incredibly harsh on this film. They claim it's flawed, filled with plot holes and not very original. Well, that does depend to what you compare it to. Bollywood does not make espionage flicks that often. Which does makes this a whole lot more original than what you normally would expect. And for the rest I say that there is not one boring minute in this flick. It is very entertaining throughout and you actually hardly notice that this film has a length of 150 minutes because time flies by. Sometimes that for me is all what it takes. With unpretentious films like these you just have to go with the flow and then you will find yourself enjoying it much more.

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