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Review Legend of the Wolf a.k.a. Chin Long Chuen Suet (1997): Donnie Yen shows what he is made of

genre: martial arts

The story is not that interesting, so forget about it. The performances from the actors are quite well. There is no shortage of humour, and there is even some drama. But this film isn't about the drama, it is about the fighting scenes. 

It may take a while to get used to the very fast display of action. But when you do, you will be hooked. The martial arts performed, especially by Donnie Yen, is more than top-notch. It is a showcase for him, what he is capable of. He produced, directed, wrote the film and choreographed the action. And in this he really excels. The action is explosive. He tries to be different in filming the action scenes, and we have to give credit to that. You will question if he used tricks or fast editing, but somehow it all looks like they are really fighting that fast. The result is that he created action scenes you won't easily forget. 

Legend of wolf is a film you will have to see for the wonderful action. 

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