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Review The Lazarus Effect (2015): A little Flatliners, a sniff of Pet Semetary but a whole bunch of crap!

genre: horror

The Lazarus Effect has a very interesting premise and started quite promising. If only they had attempted to do something exceptional with it. It never sticks out and if anything it is incredibly predictable. Which I was prepared for as long as the film would had offered me something that would keep me interested. But it never does. One main problem is that everything is bland. There is no depth to any of the characters or the story. Event wise not a whole lot is happening. And when it does you hardly care since we don't really like the characters. Like I said there was a lot of promise especially because of one creepy scene. But having seen the whole film (although struggling to keep awake) it seemed more like a fluke than competence.

Please don't go watch this movie. It's not even good enough to watch on a rainy Sunday afternoon. There is no fun to be had whatsoever. SKIP THIS ONE!

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