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Review Chappie (2015): I want to adopt Chappie!

genre: science fiction, action, adventure, drama

Chappie from Neill Blomkamp director and creator District 9 is back with a new sci fi adventure unlike you have seen before. It has all the action and thrills but even more so is able to connect to you in ways that rarely happens in movies these days. Chappie has heart. It tries to tell a simple tale about a droid who suddenly is able to feel and think for himself. Most of the film is about Chappie discovering the world in all it's reality. How Chappie connects to this world and the people in it is what gives it it's edge. Especially the dynamics between him and his adoptive mother Yolandi. Hugh Jackman is a supporting character and you never have seen him like this. You will really dislike him a lot in this one. He is one of the most despicable and sleaziest villain ever portrayed on the big screen. And pay attention to his hairdo. It will haunt you in your dreams. Now in my opinion Chappie deserves far more praise than it has gotten. I agree it is different from what I expected it to be but that is what actually made me like it more. If it had been more like Transformers or Terminator then it would have lost all originality. At least now events were kept small and very relatable. And it was very nice to see artificial intelligence at the very start. This child like creature is pure and absorbs everything that is thrown at him for good or bad. It's interesting to see Chappie develop throughout the film. Another complaint I have read is that Chappie is considered light substance wise. I beg to differ. If anything it has far more substance but it is done very subtly. It lets you make up your own mind about the topics being discussed. Overall though Chappie is an incredibly entertaining and moving viewing experience. Don't let the negative reviews discourage you from watching this. It's a must watch for sure.

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